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Hévíz on Two Wheels

Enjoy nature if you can! To train by the lake, at the edge of the wood, in the park that is in the nature is the best.
Hévíz and its surroundings provide many opportunities for cycling; it has many built bicycle routes and signed hiking trails. During cycling you can get acquainted with the coastal settlements, beautiful natural scenes of Balaton Highlands (Balaton-felvidék), volcanic mountains behind the coastal mountain ranges keeping the memory of millions of years, the water world of Small Balaton (Kis-Balaton). There are several possibilities for bicycle rental, some accommodations and travel offices offer this possibility for our guests.
Our smaller tours provide great joy to everyone. In case of short tours speed is not important. Our tours are guided mostly on bicycle ways low traffic byways and easy running rural routes. Explore the sights on two wheels and the beauties of nature and more important we do something for our health.
You can also rent bicycles in the Tourinform Offices. For a minimum time of 2 hours it is HUF 1,000/person and for 24 hours HUF 2,000/person. If you rent for at least one week or if you hold Hévíz card, you can receive a discount.

You can take it from anywhere, you can leave it anywhere – community bicycle system was handed over

The new community bicycle system of Hévíz, the HeBi bicycle system was handed over enabling to cycle over the city with the bikes that can be taken from one of the four docking stations established in the city so gratifying to the joy of moving or just to get acquainted with Hévíz by this environment friendly method.

“HeBi is actually an acronym created from Heviz Bike which is the name of our investment being unique in the country” – told Gábor Papp mayor.

As he said: the investment had been realized in the framework of a Croatian-Hungarian project. The counterparty city of Hévíz is Kapronca that hands over its similar investment in the future. 95% of the development worth HUF 90 million could be financed from tender funds. When elaborating the community bicycle system the four docking stations were set up at four points of the city: the Festetics Day Spa (Festetics Fürdőház), the big parking lot, Egregy and the area in front of the Town Hall. Altogether 30 bicycles were placed that can be picked up from any of these points and taken back to them.

The system can be used with a card which can be obtained for a caution fee of HUF 4,000 at the Tourinform office. The bikes are equipped with GPS, so their movement can be tracked.
The Mayor of Kapronca Vesna Zeljeznak told they had been glad that Hévíz has responded positively to the partnership request and the collaboration was excellent. Kapronca has won the most biker friendly settlement of Croatia and they are delighted that Hévíz is also a proud holder of the biker friendly title.

Jenő Manninger the chairman of the county assembly told that both the Hévíz-Kapronca relationship and the development in Hévíz was exemplary and he emphasized that the HeBi development is a great step forward concerning both tourism and environment protection.

The two cities had also confirmed in writing that they wish to continue the commenced cooperation and they intend to extend it among others to the area of culture and tourism. The parties have put their signet on it by signing a letter of intent after the handover ceremony. The invited guests could enjoy the show of the world champion performers of SzanDia Fitness studio at the Town Hall square.

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